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How do you make a design stand the hard test of time? It’s easy, just go for a perfect balance between functionality and form. Then keep refining and evolving your idea over and over to make sure it stays in step with changing times. This is exactly how the light and airy String® Shelving System has become a beloved design icon, a shining example of timeless Scandinavian modern.
Over time, the String® family has been expanded with the addition of sister collections such as String® Plex, String® Pocket, String® Works and String® +. We keep developing, refining and adapting String® to make sure it’s a working shelving system for way more than books – it’s a system that can be tailored to suit your home and your belongings. No matter which version you select, String® will give you more space in your life and more life in your space.


The question was: "Is it possible to make your work place an as pleasant environment as your living room and still be fully functional?" Their response was to develop a whole series of products using the String system as a base.
We call them String® Works.


The String® System was designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning in 1949. 

This super flexible, distinctive and minimalist shelving system earned him a reputation as one of the designers who laid the foundations of modern scandinavian design.


String® Pocket is a complete shelving package with two panels and three shelves. You can choose among a range of colours and materials. String® pocket can be combined in a host of ways. With one packet you get one shelf, with two packets you can build up to three sections.


String® Plex - a stylish understatement 
It works like String, is equally flexible and was drawn
by the same hand. But with a minimalist touch.
Created in 1953.

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